I’m DJ Jacky G

Hi ya! I’m Jacky G., a working wife & mom based in Cebu and Bohol, Philippines. I’m a Department Head, Production Chief and Disc Jockey of MOR 97.1 DYLS FM. 2020 - My 11th year with ABS-CBN, has been challenging to say the least. But the hustle continues… On Facebook, I host “Dear MOR with DJ Jacky G. Live” Mondays to Fridays. I pen a weekend column for The Freeman’s Banat News. I’m also a wedding and events host, product-endorser, voice talent and sporadic commercial script-writer. I have an overwhelming love for ducks and dogs; and a healthy obsession for self-care, food and frolic. This long-procrastinated pet project was finally born out of COVID19; with high hopes to encourage, inspire and inform. Welcome to my cozy little corner! xoxo

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