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Ano’ng kwento’ng ABS-CBN mo?

This is mine…

I had no plans of going back to broadcast since I was moving on to more “grown-up” jobs… Or so I thought.  My cousin, Val, had a workmate who’s then husband worked at ABS-CBN.  She told her they’re hiring…  Di na gyud unta ko mag-DJ lagi kay binata na job.  But it’s ABS-CBN!  So I caved.  I said to myself, last “DJ job” na gyud ni!  Mangita ko’g lain nga work.  Kanang “tinood” nga trabaho.  Side gig ra ni…  That was 11 years ago.

I’ve been a disc jockey since 4th year high school & have already worked with 4 previous radio stations.  So I thought, chicken.  Bisan pa’g piyongan!  I learned this wasn’t so fairly early.  When you get hired by ABS-CBN, don’t get cocky.  You have to work very hard to deserve getting that foot in the door!           

When you’re a “DJ” in ABS-CBN, you also work as an events host, on-cam host, promo & events coordinator, writer, editor, translator, HMUA, props man, set designer, runner, utility, researcher, sales, marketing, product-endorser, clerk, admin assistant, SMM, talent scout, PR, content-creator, artista, dramatorga, VO, stylist, PA, photog, dancer, singer & ang ako’ng pinaka-favorite job (sa binali) – accountant.  After a couple of years, I became FM Department Head/Production Chief.  And yes, I continue to do all of the above plus some

Ok, we get it!  It’s hard!  — So why did you stay for so long?  Because I LOVE being a Kapamilya.  Working with ABS-CBN is truly one of God’s biggest blessings.  Yes, we work harder than most.  But believe me, we are treated way better than most.  I take pride in the work I do.  The hustle is real!  The laughter, the tears, the fights, the making-up… the mundane.  When you look back, you realize that those seemingly ordinary moments hold the most extraordinary meaning after all. 

Like everyone else, we are flawed.  But we are taught excellence, teamwork, teaching & learning, honesty & integrity, meritocracy, and service orientation — Our true north, the Core Values we try our best to live by in everything we do, with everyone we meet… 

The people at work, celebrities, politicians, advertisers, the people who help and the people who need help…  Our bosses, our mentors, the people we look up to with so much respect and pride.  We have been so blessed to have the very best in the industry.  To the different platforms and support groups of ABS-CBN, thank you for everything you did for us, and with us.  We appreciate the genuine help and kindness you have shown us.  To the MOR team, my team – past and present.  The DJs, traffic assistant and All Star Mix DJs.  Together, we reached for the stars with our feet firmly on the ground.  11 years – 1 number 5, a few number 3s, some number 2s and a lot of number 1s!  We always made the best of what we had.  Which is often not very much.  Because it’s not about the cards we’re dealt, but how we play the hand.  We always make things happen, with or without budget!  Thank you for working so damn hard.  Thank you for understanding my weaknesses and shortcomings.  Thank you for the laughter and tears.  Thank you for learning with me through the years.  Thank you for the love.

 And the wind beneath every DJ’s wings – our listeners.  A very special “thank you” sa tanang kaMORkada.  You welcomed us into your homes, vehicles, work areas, even your bathrooms, while nag number two mo!  We were with you in your very personal, most intimate spaces.  You cried with us and laughed with us.  Sometimes at us!  You made friends and enemies in MOR.  Naka-uyab, nahimong ex, naminyo, nagka-anak, tanan lagi!  Gasahan mi ninyo’g chocolates, perfume, sapatos, tshirts, gadgets… Padad-an mi ninyo’g lechon, chicharon, cake, puto, prutas, fried chicken, pizza, ice cream, buwad, ug ang pinaka di nako malimtan – hilaw nga karne!  Mao na’ng tana’ng DJs manambok gyud!  Musuroy gyud mo sa booth.  Bisan pa’g gamay ra mo’g time, isuksok gyud mi ninyo sa inyo’ng itinerary.  Sa nagka-lain-laing Grand Halad sa Kapamilya, you selflessly gave of your time and resources and happily served with us.  Together, we celebrated your birthdays, monthsaries, anniversaries, proposals, weddings and baptisms.  We also grieved the loss of some beautiful souls along the way.  I met some of my best friends in MOR.  For that, I am eternally grateful.  KaMORkada, you have touched my life in more ways than you could ever know…  Daghan kaayo’ng salamat.    

11 years seems like a lot.  But it’s not.  It’s not enough.  Not even close.  I thought I was saying goodbye to my dream-come-true.  So I cried.  I cried so many times coz it hurt so bad.  But then, I was told I needed to stay.  So again, I cried.  It hurts to leave.  It hurts to stay.  I’m not even sure which hurts more.  Kinsa may mas masakitan?  Ang mubiya?  O ang gibiyaan?  Leaving it all behind?  Or staying in an almost empty building, missing the ones who are no longer there?  Trying to pick up the broken pieces… Starting over… Don’t get me wrong.  I am extremely grateful to be among the few who get to stay.  But right now, it just hurts… yes, like hell.  Because I ache for my Kapamilyas who have nowhere else to go.  Because the road ahead will not be easy for all of us.  Because WE DO NOT DESERVE TO BE SHUT DOWN.  We earned every legal right to have our franchise renewed.  But we still got shut down.  That’s what hurts the most. 

But Kapamilyas don’t just quit.  We don’t quit when the job is hard.  We quit when the job is done.  Mine isn’t.  So I will soldier on.  This is my job.  This is my calling.  With the Lord’s much-needed guidance, I will give it my above and beyond.  I will give it my best.  Because it’s what ABS-CBN deserves.  It’s what our kaMORkadas deserve.  Nothing short of my very best.   

Kapamilya Forever,

DJ Jacky G.


#CovidCooks – a hashtag my mom came up with to make as a caption on posts of the food I’ve cooked this quarantine. I have always been a foodie, food is a big part of my life but I’ve never really gotten into cooking until, well, until I was forced to learn how to cook because of this lockdown!

We used to eat out almost all the time and would only get a taste of homecooked food when we were on vacation in Bohol with my grandma cooking delicious food when we’d stay for the Holidays, but now, since I had no choice but to try and cook for me and my mom, I’ve actually managed to learn how to cook homecooked food! with the help of youtube and google, of course, I’ve learned that cooking probably comes naturally to me since, one, I love food and I know how much of what to put in dishes to make them taste good, and two, not to brag, but it didn’t take me a long time at all to understand the ins, outs, and basics of creating easy yet tasty dishes, I realized that lack of time when I still went to school and had other things to do really prevented me from attempting to cook anything in the kitchen, I was always occupied and I never really thought of trying to cook since we would eat out anyway, the free time I have now gives me an opportunity to learn how to make lots of new and different dishes and maybe even come up with a recipe of my own!

I have discovered that cooking is truly an art that I have come to embrace and love, an art that needs time and patience, like a lot of patience but it’s totally worth it!

A dish I’ve made that was especially worth the wait was my pork adobo, so simple yet so good!

Thinly chopped slices of pork, 5 tablespoons of soy sauce, 2 tablespoons of vinegar, a little bit of water, some bay leaves and a sprinkle of whole peppercorns, mix it all together and let it sit on medium heat for about 35-40 minutes, boiled eggs to top it off once it has done simmering made up my very delicious, well according to my only judge, my mom, pork adobo, cooking everyday has become a breakthrough for me and my mom and we’ve managed to teach ourselves how to cook simple and hearty homecooked meals that we can’t wait to share with our family and friends!


Yes, I Googled “how to write your first blog post” and Googled “should ‘Googled’ be capitalized?”  So there, nailed one of the points I read about – honesty.  Everything you see here is sincere, genuine, truthful and fair.

If you didn’t read my intro, I’ll save you the hassle of navigating away from this post:

I’m a working wife & mom based in Cebu and Bohol, Philippines.

I’m a Department Head, Production Chief and Disc Jockey of MOR 97.1 DYLS FM.  2020 – my 11th year with ABS-CBN, has been challenging to say the least.  But the hustle continues… On Facebook, I host “Dear MOR with DJ Jacky G. Live” Mondays to Fridays.  I pen a weekend column for The Freeman’s Banat News.  I’m also a wedding and events host, product-endorser, voice talent and sporadic commercial script-writer.

I have an overwhelming love for ducks and dogs; and a healthy obsession for self-care, food and frolic.

This long-procrastinated pet project was finally born out of COVID19; with high hopes to encourage, inspire and inform.

Now, on to the stuff I’ll write about…

Food! – is the only category that stands alone.  Well, because… food!!!

People & Places – coz I know some pretty interesting people I know you’d love to know; and some awesome places I know you’d love to know about.

Weddings and Events – I see you rolling your eyes at me and telling me a wedding is an event.  Ergo, “weddings” should be under “events”.  But this is my space and I say “weddings” should be separate from “events” because they’re unlike any other event!  A blessed union of souls deserves its own spotlight, don’t you think?

Self-care & Stuff – I’d love to extend my shelf life as much as humanly possible.  Coz I’m not selfish, I’d like to share my discoveries with you!  “Stuff” is for other things I’d like to write about that don’t fit in any of the other categories.

Spawn & Me – I have been blessed with one beautiful spawn.  She loves to write.  So this is her spot.  I’m giving her something to do coz she’s bored.  Be kind to my offspring.  Please.  And “Me” is where I write all my insightful thoughts, awesome analogies, epic poetry, random musings, and heavily punctuated rants.  Definitely not to be taken too seriously.

Thank you for making it past the 3-minute mark!  As I said in my intro…

Welcome to my cozy little corner!