Yes, I Googled “how to write your first blog post” and Googled “should ‘Googled’ be capitalized?”  So there, nailed one of the points I read about – honesty.  Everything you see here is sincere, genuine, truthful and fair.

If you didn’t read my intro, I’ll save you the hassle of navigating away from this post:

I’m a working wife & mom based in Cebu and Bohol, Philippines.

I’m a Department Head, Production Chief and Disc Jockey of MOR 97.1 DYLS FM.  2020 – my 11th year with ABS-CBN, has been challenging to say the least.  But the hustle continues… On Facebook, I host “Dear MOR with DJ Jacky G. Live” Mondays to Fridays.  I pen a weekend column for The Freeman’s Banat News.  I’m also a wedding and events host, product-endorser, voice talent and sporadic commercial script-writer.

I have an overwhelming love for ducks and dogs; and a healthy obsession for self-care, food and frolic.

This long-procrastinated pet project was finally born out of COVID19; with high hopes to encourage, inspire and inform.

Now, on to the stuff I’ll write about…

Food! – is the only category that stands alone.  Well, because… food!!!

People & Places – coz I know some pretty interesting people I know you’d love to know; and some awesome places I know you’d love to know about.

Weddings and Events – I see you rolling your eyes at me and telling me a wedding is an event.  Ergo, “weddings” should be under “events”.  But this is my space and I say “weddings” should be separate from “events” because they’re unlike any other event!  A blessed union of souls deserves its own spotlight, don’t you think?

Self-care & Stuff – I’d love to extend my shelf life as much as humanly possible.  Coz I’m not selfish, I’d like to share my discoveries with you!  “Stuff” is for other things I’d like to write about that don’t fit in any of the other categories.

Spawn & Me – I have been blessed with one beautiful spawn.  She loves to write.  So this is her spot.  I’m giving her something to do coz she’s bored.  Be kind to my offspring.  Please.  And “Me” is where I write all my insightful thoughts, awesome analogies, epic poetry, random musings, and heavily punctuated rants.  Definitely not to be taken too seriously.

Thank you for making it past the 3-minute mark!  As I said in my intro…

Welcome to my cozy little corner!

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